The "Mystery" Revealed

Meeting Location - Room 211 (Click Here for Map)
Teacher - Bobby Davis
Purpose - To equip believers with accurate information so that they can defend the Bible and their Faith.
  1. Give everyone a new or perhaps a renewed interest in studying (not just casual reading) of the Scriptures.
  2.  Help to make God's Word more understanding and less confusing
  3.  With increased understanding, we will gain more confidence in sharing the Word with others. Therefore, achieving the primary goal of glorifying God by being a more effectual witness and ambassador for Him
Class Outline:
  1. Oct. 20 - Why do we study the Bible? What is the purpose of the church?
  2. Oct. 27 - Why do we need to "Rightly Divide" God's Word?
  3. Nov. 3 - What is God's endgame?
  4. Nov. 10 - Biblical timeline. What is the greatest division in the Bible?
  5. Nov. 17 - The "Prophetic" program and the "Mystery" program. 
  6. Nov. 24 - NO CLASS - Thanksgiving Break
  7. Dec. 1 - What does Dispensation mean? How many Dispensations are in the Bible?
  8. Dec. 8 - Paul's "Mystery" Gospel. What is the Mystery?
  9. Dec. 15 - What is the "Great Commission" for the body of Christ?
(Note: You may want to consider bringing an inexpensive 3 ring binder to class because I will be providing handouts throughout this course and hopefully you will want to keep them organized for later reference.)